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So Sun is a marketplace focusing on domestic design.

When you buy products from us, you buy directly from the brand and at the same time you support small domestic companies!

So Sun Kiosk offers a fresh selection of hand-picked domestic brands. We want to put domestic design more at the center and offer customers an easily approachable way to get to know new interesting brands. At the heart of our values is domesticity, quality and respect for the environment . Every brand we choose for the So Sun kiosk shares these same values with us.

Our kiosk includes many different merchants, when you order a product it will be shipped directly from the merchant's warehouse of your choice.

We offer a wide range of different products. The selection includes clothes for different sizes and different types of bodies, cosmetics from nature, interior design products, home textiles, etc. Our selection is constantly expanding and we do not want to exclude anything from our selection that is interesting and fresh!

At the moment, you can pay at our kiosk:

  • With PayPal
  • With the most common payment cards
  • Klarna with invoice

If you buy products from several different brands, they may be products offered by different merchants, in which case the delivery costs set by the merchant will always apply.

Possible delivery costs are always indicated on the product page after the product texts.

Delivery costs are always calculated at checkout. Some merchants have free shipping or a certain shipping fee depending on the total amount, weight or other variables of the order.

There are many vendors under our kiosk and they all have their own stocks, so some of the products in your order may come in different shipments. Each seller has specified a product delivery time on the product page, if this time has been exceeded and the order has still not been included, please contact the seller.

Products have a 14-day return and exchange right.

The customer pays the cost of the return, unless otherwise specified by the seller.

You can find return instructions here:

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